Alex Potter

Human Centered Design and Engineering BS - University of Washington

I am a technology professional who advocates user centric experience design. I believe the best design allows the user to consume information and complete tasks with efficiency, elegance, and enjoyment.

My passions include web design, brewing beer, information visualization, theatrical sound design, and the Pacific Northwest.

Technical Resume Theatrical Resume
Seattle Crime Dashboard

Built a dashboard using Seattle's open data that displays a breakdown of crime that occurred yesterday. The data is updated 6-12 hours after the police report is filed.

Seattle Bike Trails Dash

Designed and Dashboard in Power BI connected to Seattle's bike trail data which is updated every couple of days. Data gathered using the Power Query "M" language.

Phillips Hue Show Control

Designed and built a JavaScript/HTML based lighting show control webapp for DIY and small venue shows. Used most recently in The Horse In Motion's production of Brechtfest at the Can Can in Pike Place Market.

UW UTS Website

Designed and developed a new responsive website for UW's Undergraduate Theater Society: Here visitors can find out information about shows, browse show pictures and media, buy tickets, and donate money.